Levi’s asks people of all ages not to bore their jeans

Levi’s is presenting its first TV ad from its recently launched “Live in Levi’s” global campaign that revolves around the idea that you can do anything in your Levi’s jeans, just don’t bore them.

The spot, directed by MJZ’s Fredrik Bond, comes as a denim symphony of freedom and free choice. It stars a plethora of people, young and old, who are experiencing their life to the fullest in their favorite jeans.

Wear them, dare them, share them, love them, wash them, don’t wash them, rock them, roll them, unbutton them, work them, abuse them, just don’t bore them,” states the 1-minute video. The language of the new campaign is different from the «Go Forth» effort, which is a rather serious message to young people to explore the world and go to the next frontiers.