Miller Lite says that it might be behind the Generation Y

Miller Lite is highlighting its role as a potential inspirational trigger of your coming to this world. The product that was born in late 60s might have inspired your dad to ask you mom for a date, which led to more intimate relationships, marriage and ultimately having a baby—you.

As the brand entered the market four and a half decades ago, the generation of baby boomers started to form their own families and were potentially conceiving Generation Y people in the atmosphere inspired by the light beer. The new ad for Miller Lite, “Population,” illustrates how that could happen—it doesn’t say anything like that directly, but that’s surely implied. The spot comes in retro style, with people swinging and enjoying the young lives, toasting the camera with a frosty Lite beer and falling in love at the same time.

“Miller invented light beer around the same time that baby boomers began to meet, date and procreate. So it’s highly possible Miller Lite invented you too. You’re welcome,” says the description to the ad.

The brand has also launched a new retro design for its Lite version that connects drinkers with the brand’s roots. For pictures of the can and aluminum bottle, visit the official Facebook page of the brand.

Miller Lite is now calling the US consumers to share their best moments of summer using the #ItsMillerTime hashtag all summer long. The brand encourages consumers to tweet it a pic, and it’s promises to show the pic to America.