Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates the art of balance with its new exhibition

From now on until April 2015, the celebrated fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo is inviting the world to visit its unique exhibition, Equilibrium, in Florence, the label’s hometown. The display is dedicated to the art of making perfect footwear for her, and focuses on walking, balance and shoes.

The team behind the project was inspired by the writings of Salvatore Ferragamo, his studies, creations and his shoes. The atmosphere of the exhibition was influenced by people from the Ferragamo family, including James Ferragamo, Salvatore’s grandson, who explains how the “knowledge he inherited from his grandfather is a heritage to be cultivated and maintained.”

To promote the exhibition, the brand has released a mesmerizing video featuring red stilettos walking across the medieval streets of Florence and famous art pieces, which pop up as friendly ghosts on the woman’s route.

“Staying in balance or seeking physical and inner balance is one of the truest and oldest experiences that we are still allowed to have in the contemporary world, owing to the fact that it is linked to man’s primordial condition, i.e. that of getting up on his feet and walking,” says the description to the exhibit.