Grolsch presents the “Movie Unlocker” bottle that allows to watch films online for free

Advanced technology allows beer-lovers to watch a movie using a Grolsch beer bottle. This bottle has a special embedded device, which accepts radio signals and transmits them from the Bluetooth beacon under the bottle top directly to the device a person wants to watch the movie on. The online cinema is available at

The application dubbed “Movie Unlocker” has been developed by St. Petersburg-based company Heads and Hands. The bottle works as a perfect transmitter of the signal, and to prevent premature activation of the process when the bottle is capped, there’s a special sticker that blocks the radio frequency so that it can’t be identified by the device unless a consumer allows. The activation happens when a person touches the device with the bottle.

The Grolsch bottles feature special codes that get scanned immediately via Bluetooth. It sends a signal to a server that has a previously registered serial number. After the verification is complete (this happens if the code in the bottle and a number in the database match), a user can enjoy a free movie. Now, consumers don’t need to pay with their credit card—they can pay with regular beer bottles.

“We were aware of a current campaign being carried out in Russia by Grolsch, that allows consumers to enter promotional codes found on its bottles in to its partners’ websites,” commented Aleksandr Semenov, CEO, Heads and Hands. “This enables people to access a movie for free. We liked this idea, but thought we could make the process a whole lot easier. So, we developed this new ‘one-touch’ technology for the bottles in order to facilitate the transaction in a single step.”