UNICEF used roly-polies instead of traditional donation boxes to raise money for kids

To raise awareness of children in need and encourage people to donate more, UNICEF South Korea devised a simple, but brilliant solution—giant street roly-polies. The huge toys that worked as donation boxes illustrated how a donation could help a kid stand up.

The white roly-poly featured a black picture of a child in need. When empty, it was lying on the ground, but with more coins were put inside by passers-by and the bottom became heavy, the toy was gradually getting up, tilting and wobbling. The 10 charity dolls helped collect donations from 10,000+ people in South Korea.

This simple approach came as a symbol of any donation—by sharing a dollar, you actually help a person get up from the ground and start a better life. The roly-polies look much better than regular donation boxes and clearly communicate the essence of sharing money for a good cause.