American consumers believe “advertising of the future” will be more data-driven and better tailored

The U.S.-based market research firm Harris Poll of behalf of the Swedish innovative web development agency Goo Technology have conducted a survey on how consumers see the future of advertising on all platforms imaginable.

The results show that the majority of the respondents are sure that the «advertising of the future» will be based on their better collected personal data (58%) as well as be better targeted (52%).

2, 029 online respondents were asked just one question:

«In which of the following ways, if at all, do you think advertising (e.g. online, TV, print, social media etc.) will change in the next 10 years?»

The answers were, as follows:

  • 58%  Advertisers will have more personal data about consumers
  • 52%  Advertisers will improve targeted advertisements toward certain demographic groups
  • 44%  A majority of billboards will be animated
  • 43%  Increase in use of geolocation services
  • 42%  Technology (retina scans, finger printing) will use consumer’s personal information to sell products
  • 34%  3D graphics will make ads more engaging
  • 29%  Video will beat out display
  • 19%  Ads will be more helpful
  • 16%  Digital ads will be available on clothing
  • 10%  Some other way
  • 11%  Advertising won’t change in the next 10 years

Interestingly, Millenials (an age group between 25 and 34) were in minority among those who believed in data-driven and targeted ads, while they firmly believed in the decline of display ads, admits.

When asked about what types of online ads will not survive in the next 10 years, the answers were, as follows:

  • 29% Pop-ups
  • 22% Flash banners
  • 7%   Native
  • 7%   Contextual
  • 6%   Personalised mobile
  • 6%   Video