Branded content with purpose: Coca-Cola unveils environmental documentary “Pact with the planet”

The Coca-Cola Company is launching a new branded documentary “Pact with the planet” about the environment and people who make impact on the planet’s «health» in Latin America.

The four episodes about 16 inspiring people from the local communities and their commitment to nature will be broadcasted starting September 30 on National Geographic TV channel across nine Latin American countries. The campaign is fronted by the popular Mexican actor and singer Diego Boneta.

Photo: a still picture from one the "Pact with the Planet" episodes on National Geographic
Photo: a still picture from the fourth episode of «Pact with the Planet» on National Geographic

Each 25-minute story addresses such issues as plastic bottles recycling, upcycling and conscious use of water in agriculture. The protagonists are real people, leaders of of local Latin American communities who receive help and support from Coca-Cola’s sustainability platform in the region.

The episodes will include reports from such magnificent places as Ipacaray lake in Paraguay, the Chimalhuacán spillway in Mexico, the Costa Rican beaches and the most rural areas of Ecuador and Colombia, as well as unique Easter Island or the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and urban stories and glimpses of Buenos Aires, Brasilia or Rio de Janeiro.

This is the third time Coca-Cola partners with National Georgaphic for a documentary series focused on environmental education and sustainable practices.

“We are delighted to be working with NatGeo for the third consecutive year; a collaboration that aims at providing information, raising awareness and educating our audience in order to build a better place to live in”. We hope the new series will inspire spectators throughout Latin America to make a pact with the planet we live in and become the true protagonists of this great story for earth,” commented Rafael Fernández Quirós, ‎Vice president, Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola Latin America Group.