Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco ask Brits to recycle

Following the successful last year’s at-home recycling campaign with the retailer Sainsbury, the Coca-Cola’s bottler CCE is launching another environmental effort «Recycling is the Answer» with Tesco in the U.K.

Photo: Tesco and CCE's shared digital initiative "Recycling is the answer"
Photo: Tesco and CCE’s shared digital initiative «Recycling is the Answer»

All visitors to the Tesco website will be redirected to the campaign’s page where they will be asked to ‘pledge, play and recycle.’ For each pledge, customers will receive 25 points on their Clubcard, plus may get additional 25 points for sharing their pledge on social media. Customers will also be invoted to take part in weekly prize draws with a chance to win 3,000 Clubcard points.

The bottler reports that last year’s campaign engaged 37,000 people, two thirds of them never recycled at home, but changed their behaviour.

Coca-Cola Enterprises, the biggest Western European bottler of Coca-Cola, has a long track of promoting sustainable lifestyle and recycling across the U.K. In May 2012, the company partnered with ECO Plastics to launch the recycled-PET (rPET) joint venture Continuum Recycling, which earlier this year reported that the facility had processed 500 million plastic bottles. Continuum Recycling is said to be the world’s largest plastic recycling plant, that doubled the volume of rPET as compared to the amount processed in the U.K. before the launch of the venture.

Another CCE’s sustainability initiative was the research Recycle for the Future, conducted in collaboration with the University of Exeter, that aims to observe at-home recycling behaviors of 20 households in Great Britain and France. The aim of the study was to find out why the recycling rates were relatively low, while over 63% of consumers across both countries viewed recycling as “a moral and environmental duty.”