H&M launches Concious denim collection and strikes partnership with ILO

The Swedish high street fashion retailer H&M continues it’s commitment to the greener and more socially responsible business model with the launch of environmentally friendly Concious denim collection and through partnership with International Labour Organization (ILO).

The Conscious Denim collection, which is to be releaved in stores on October the 2nd, not only uses sustainably sources and recycled materials, but all the processes like washing and dying have been assessed by their environmental impact, including energy and water consumption.

Each piece of garment — whether men’s, women’s or kids’—features a Clevercare label with instruction on sustainable wear and care.

Another big achievement for H&M is a partnership agreement with ILO under which the company will commit to the welfare and professional development of its employees throughout the whole retailer’s supply chain, as well as promote ILO’s Decent Work Agenda among other global garment businesses.

“Issues in the garment industry are systemic and require action that helps develop effective industrial relations and promote respect of international labour standards,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder. “There is therefore an urgent need to establish strategic and comprehensive collaborations with companies that have experience in these fields, such as H&M.”