Honest Tea introduces new brand logo, labeling and variety

U.S. organic bottled tea brand Honest Tea, wholly owned by the Coca-Cola Company since 2011, is introducing a label makeover for its glass-bottle range and broadens variety of the Honest beverage portfolio. 

Photo: new label design, Honest tea glass bottles range
Photo: new label design, Honest tea glass bottles range

New labels will highlight ingredient visuals inside the brand’s iconic “T” as well as feature new typography in the Honest logo. The labels were designed in-house in collaboration with an oil painter. These graphic changes aim to «deepen and broaden the brand’s mission and impact,» as the company’s co-founder & TeaEO Seth Goldman says.

Along with the visual overhaul, the brand has announced its further commitment to FairTrade standards with the introduction of Fair Trade Certified™ Sugar across all organic tea range. Honest Tea was the first bottled tea brand in the U.S, to get a FairTrade certification in 2003.

Another considerable achievement of the highly ethical and sustainable tea brand is membership in the global nonprofit movement «1% for the Planet,» which commits businesses to contribute at least one percent of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations. To commemorate the partnership with «1% for the Planet,» the organization’s logo will also be featured on the back label of the glass-bottle range.

“We are thrilled to make the switch to Fair Trade Certified sugar and sign on with 1% for the Planet,” said Goldman. “To mark the occasion, for the first time in 16 years, we (nervously) took steps to refresh the look of our much-loved glass line. We surprised ourselves with the new label design — a fun, eye-catching way to expand on our story.”

Next months the company is going to adopt a new framework developed by Fair Trade to define, measure and communicate the impact that the non-profit organization is making for farmers, workers, businesses and consumers. On September 25th, representatives of Honest Tea and Fair Trade USA will present and discuss the new framework at the New Metrics 2014 conference in Boston.