JWT Melbourne depicts the “triggers” of smoking in an anti-tobacco animated campaign

The Australian non-profit organization Cancer Council Victoria has approached the ad agency JWT Melbourne to develop a massive nationwide educational anti-smoking campaign that addresses the problem of «triggers» that make people smoke. The agency has turned to the recent research data from the survey conducted by the client organization earlier this year that revealed the reasons why people smoked:

  • 80% smoked to be around friends who smoke
  • 78% smoked to get a relief from stress
  • 76% smoked during parties and nights out
  • 69% used to smoking after meak
  • 60% smoked to have a short break from work
  • 45% smoked while drinking coffee
  • 41% smoked while driving
  • 23% smoked while making phone calls

The so-called triggers of smoking prove that the way to quit is to solve some social and phycological problems related to confidence and  self-awareness. «Analyse and address your own triggers» — that is the core message of communications campaign by JWT’s that targets 30-49 year old smokers.

“Triggers is about empowering smokers to plan ahead and have the confidence, motivation and ability to recognise what triggers their desire to smoke so they can quit, said Tim Holmes, Creative Director, JWT Melbourne. Triggers changes the idea of quitting from something you ‘just do’ to something you consider ahead of time and are prepared for.”

Four 15-second and one 30-second sports have been aired on national TV channels since August 24th. View the 30-second general introduction to «Triggers» below.