Saatchi&Saatchi NY finds links between laundry detergent and national pride

P&G and their advertising partner Saatchi&Saatchi NY have created a new touching commercial for its detergent brand Tide in the best traditions of storytelling technique.

Launched September 1st, the online campaign «Tide Honours Uniforms» is dedicated to the American Labour Day celebrated on the first Monday of September. It features four videos about those who add real value to the economy, who create tangible products and deliver vitally important services—soldiers, policemen, firefighters, miners, waitresses, fishermen, flight attendants—all those who found «a purpose, a meaning, a reason to exist,» as the voiceover explains. What unites all these people is that they all wear a uniform. A uniform that is washed daily. Washed with Tide.

The brand claims that all the people shot in the commercial are real and not actors. Along with the main video «Tide Honours Uniform,» there are three more personal stories of the people in uniform: Zachary Stockdale, a former U.S. Army ranger, of Dan Fawcett, a wildland firefighter, and Victor Morris, a janitor. View them on Tide’s Youtube channel.

The main video «Tide Honours Uniform» is below.