The Telegraph publishes the consolidated ranking of the most valuable global brands in 2014

Ben Wright of the UK leading newspaper The Telegraph has analyzed three reports by the media and market research companies Millward Brown, Brand Finance and Interbrand to define most valuable brands in 2014.

Photo: The Telegraph's consolidated ranking of most valuable global brands, 2014
Photo: The Telegraph’s consolidated ranking of most valuable global brands, 2014

The overall consolidated ranking is topped by technology companies: Apple ($117 bn of average value), Google ($106.9 bn), and IBM ($76 bn). Disparity of valuations by the three different assessment teams can be explained by different methodologies and time of the data analysis. Millward Brown’s research is the most recent. The Telegraph’s ranking includes only those brands that were evaluated by all three companies, that’s why some big names such as US telecoms giants AT&T and Verizon, as well as Wells Fargo are missing on the consolidated list.

Millward Brown, who conduct the evaluation of brands annually, claim that brand value accounts for around 30% of the value of Standard & Poor’s 500 largest companies.