United Nation’s Climate Summit awareness campaign goes viral with 9.7 million people engaged within 7 days

On September 23rd, delegates and speakers from governments, business, academic circles and nonprofits will gather together to discuss one of the most burning issues of today—climate change and ways to tack it. The Climate Summit 2014 will lead and prepare all 193 UN leaders to reach an agreement on joint action against climate change that is to be signed in December 2015 in Paris.

Photo: UN Climate Change campaign's page on Upworthy.com
Photo: UN Climate Change campaign’s page on Upworthy.com

The social-media campaign promoting the event and launched by main content partner Upworthy.com, a super popular mission-driven content platform “about things that matter,” has already gone viral with more than 400,000 views, 150,000+ social actions and more than 7 million social impressions — within just seven days. Both the summit and campaign are sponsored by Unilever Project Sunlight, the company’s initiative to motivate people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

According to the readers survey, conducted by Upworthy earlier in 2014, the audience identified climate change and renewable energy as #1 topic they’d like to be engaged with more on the platform. Statistics shows that:

  • 97% ask for stricter laws and regulations to protect the environment;
  • 92% pay attention to how environmentally-friendly a product they purchase is;
  • 77% consider themselves active and influential in discussing social issues.

All visitors to Upworthy are invited to share the themed content promoting the upcoming event and the climate change issue with the hashtag #Climate2014.

The Climate Summit 2014 will take place at UN Headquarters in New York on 23rd of September.