80% of global smartphone users recommend a brand based on mobile website experience

To adapt or not to adapt a brand website for mobile and tablet screens should be out of discussion among marketers these days. Numerous studies have proved that a positive mobile experience is important for customers who prefer to research services or products using a smartphone. 

The UK research and strategy consultancy Populus has revealed the results of a recent survey done on behalf of Netbiscuits, a mobile analytics firm, that confirms the importance of a good mobile site for a favorable customer experience. They surveyed 6,000 adults from six countries—the USA, the UK, Germany, India, Brazil and China—who said they had recommended brands to colleagues and friends based on their mobile site experience.

Interestingly, the percentage differs by country: it is lower in the developed countries (63% in Germany, 67% in the UK and 72% in the US) and higher in the emerging markets (95% in both China and India and 91% in Brazil).

Pic.: activities conducted on the mobile web, Netbiscuits, October 2014
Pic.: activities conducted on the mobile web, Netbiscuits, October 2014

Another recent study by Kantar Media and IAB UK also prove that brands should develop mobile-ready—either responsive or adaptive —sites for mobile platforms. The research conducted among 2,000 UK smartphone owners shows that about 69% of them usually find non-mobile optimized sites «frustrating». About 81% of the surveyed smartphone users and 46% of tablet users browse or use apps daily (96% and 62% do it weekly responsively).

When it comes to mobile online shopping, 47% use smartphone to research products and services, while 50% make purchases from a mobile phone at least once a month. Moreover, about 73% are not ready to look for an alternative device to look for information if a brand’s site in non-optimized for smartphones, and just leave the site.