Mobile display ads and mobile native ads increase brand awareness by 54%, the latest joint tests by Havas and Sky Media prove

Havas Media Group along with the two research agencies Differentology and On Device Research have teamed up with Sky Media, advertising sales arm of Sky, to conduct one live and two lab experiments aimed at trying new methodologies in measuring mobile advertising effectiveness. 

Three UK advertisers— Nationwide, Domino’s Pizza and Birds Eye—have also joined the project and placed their ads within the Sky Sports, Football Score Centre and Sky News mobile phone apps.

Nationwide and Domino’s were exposed to a real test on over 2,600 mobile app consumers using a new methodology from On Device Research that provides a solution to the challenge of being unable to cookie track on mobile in a live environment. Birds Eye took part in two lab tests that measured effectiveness of mobile native ads as well as a number of different mobile formats.

Here are some findings from the research:

  • Mobile ads result in a 54% increase in brand awareness (proved in a live test environment for Domino’s and Nationwide ad placements).
  • Combined brand perception across all three brands showed an uplift of 13% from the non-exposed to the exposed group of respondents.  Furthermore combined brand consideration increased by 9% for those exposed.
  • Native mobile ads showed to be more relevant than mobile display ads (no figures to support the statement though). Although mobile display proved to increase brand awareness (by 25% for Domino’s) and purchase consideration (by 7% for Bird’s Eye).
  • Mobile formats and creatives that were fun and generated intrigue, achieved a greater cut-through.
  • 70% of those exposed to the Birds Eye banners and 72% exposed to the Domino’s banners took some action as a result of exposure.

Sorcha Garduce, Digital Insight Director at Havas Media commented on the results of the tests:

“There is no question of the importance of mobile devices to consumers which clearly translates into importance for brands.  This means research into mobile effectiveness has never been more important.  This study highlights that brands can utilise mobile advertising as part of their communications strategy to influence both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ brand metrics, moving consumers along their brand journey.”