Monthly design news roundup: bluemarlin, Slice Design, ButterflyCannon, JDO, Pearlfisher, FITCH and others

We’ve compiled the list of 13 latest works by some leading UK (and Russian) design agencies released over the past month. 

1. Bluemarlin has designed packaging for Square Mile London Dry Gin owned by  the City of London Gin Distillery. The design capitalises on the distillery’s location within the city known as the Square Mile. London’s sprawling streets are screen printed directly on the round bottle reflecting both the premium and historic aspects of brand’s personality. The super premium one-shot 70CL gin launched yesterday in London.

Photo: Square Mile London Gin
Photo: Square Mile London Gin

2. Slice Design has created structural and graphic design for a new range of Indian cooking sauces Little Turban. The solution was a resealable pouch ‘Mari-Bag’.

Photo: Little Turban sauces range, Mari-Bag
Photo: Little Turban sauces range, Mari-Bag

3. ButterflyCannon has designed  Hennessy Very Special gift packs. There are two types of carton gifts packs: one containing glasses and the other a miniature bottle of Hennessy Black (for the US market only). The new Hennessy gift packs are available globally starting October 2014.


Photo: Hennessy Very Special gift packs
Photo: Hennessy Very Special gift packs

4. JDO has continued its partnership with Shepherd Neame, the Kent based brewery, to expand the Whitstable Bay range. The agency created the original brand design and architecture for the range that comprised Whitstable Bay Pale Ale, Whitstable Bay Blonde lager and Whitstable Bay Organic ale.

Photo: Whitstable Bay beer range

5. Pearlfisher has created a web app for the charity Haller, designed to give African farmers and their children in Kenya hands-on, relevant farming knowledge and solutions to help them live better self-sustainable lives.

The website application was designed in collaboration with the creative software workshop, Red Badger.

Photo: a new Haller charity's web app
Photo: a new Haller Farmers web app

6.  FITCH has created a new design concept for the Dogs Trust, a new rehoming dog centre in Manchester. The agency was aimed to create a warm atmosphere with a distinct ‘village’ feel and a place where families can go to visit, explore and have fun alongside rehoming a rescue dog.

06_FITCH dog trust 2

06_FITCH dog trust 3

Photo: Dog trust design and interior
Photo: Dog Trust design and interior

7. London-based studio Designers Anonymous has developed the visual identity and the website for a new challenger brand among aloe vera healthy drinks, ‘Simplee Aloe.’

07_Simplee aloe_01

07_Simplee_aloe juice_02

Photo: Simplee Aloe packaging
Photo: Simplee Aloe packaging and site

8. Depot WPF has re-designed packaging for the Nestle-owned chocolate sweets range «Liubimyie Deserty» («Favourite desserts»), part of an umbrella brand «Rossiya—schedraya dusha.»

08_Lyubimyie deserty_Nestle Depot Wpf

Photo: Nestle's chocolate desserts in Russia
Photo: Nestle’s chocolate desserts in Russia

9. Seymour Powell has re-designed dry eye relief brand packaging for Bausch + Lomb’s Artelac. The new design repositions the brand making it easier to identify the different types of products in the range, while also creating impact and increased appeal in the self-select, consumer focused market.

09_Artelac_seymour powell_01

Photo: Artelac eye drops
Photo: Artelac eye drops

10. Elmwood has created brand identity for a new Yorkshire-based trauma charity Day One. The agency has conceived a complete identity for Day One including its name, tone of voice, branding, and visuals, which would work across launch banners, posters, stationery, web design, information packs and event t-shirts.

10_Elmwood_01_Day One_Logo & Cover_DW

Photo: Identity for the Day One charity
Photo: Identity for the Day One charity

11. Bulletproof has created a contemporary new packaging design and brand architecture for Norway’s leading chocolate brand Freia, as part of a complete ‘brand world’ review. Bulletproof was briefed to create a new positioning for the brand that could be reflected through a masterbrand identity.

11_Freia Melkesjokqlade hero

11_Freia home baking range

11_Freia cooking chocolate

Photo: packaging for the Noorwegian chocolate brand Freia
Photo: packaging for the Norwegian confectionary brand Freia

12. R Design has created packaging design for KNORR® Soupissime Instant™, a range of instant soups for the French market.

Photo: Knorr Instant Soups for the French market
Photo: Knorr Instant Soups for the French market

13. Nude has designed packaging for The Glenlivet Winchester Collection, 50 Year Old single malt Scotch whiskies. Each bottle is uniquely numbered and has been hand-crafted to an extraordinary quality by artisans of the British Isles.

The very first bottle of Vintage 1964 from The Winchester Collection went on sale at Harrods in October 2014. Only 100 bottles will be available for purchase, with a price tag of $25,000 for the first Vintage.

13_The Glenlivet_50 years_02

Photo: The Glenlivet 50 YO
Photo: The Glenlivet Winchester Collection 50 YO