JWT London shatters demographic stereotypes about the UK “Baby boomers”

JWT London’s in-house trends and research team, Planning Foresight, is to reveal a demographic report on mindset, behaviour and attitudes of the UK’s 50+ year olds—the Elastic Generation, as the agency calls them. Using a Sonar online panel they have polled 501 UK people of both genders, of 50-69 years old.

The main idea of the survey is to prove marketers they are wrong ignoring the age group that accounts for 29% of the UK population and controls 80% of financial wealth. Planning Foresight has researched that only 5% of all brand communications target 50-60 year olds, while 80% is usually spent on Millenials.

Here are some finding of the survey:

  • 84% of the respondents (UK adults in their 50s or 60s) think that advertisers don’t know much about their mindset and lifestyle, assuming that all 50+ customers are the same.
  • 73% don’t pay attention to ads because they seem irrelevant and too cliché-like.
  • 68% think advertisers target only young people, so they don’t pay attention to videos featuring people much younger than them.
  • 70% use Internet to search information on goods and travels (69%).
  • 66% book holidays online.
  • 65% feel beauty and fashion brands ignore people of their age.
  • 6% are still looking for romantic relationship.
  • 22% are happy with their sex life.

The full report is to be available at www.elasticgeneration.co.uk in a week, JWT London says.

An interesting look at the American Baby Boomers is reflected in Pew Research’s «Next America» demographic report. Below the report authors briefly outline the demographic trends in the US.