Lay’s and Kellogg’s keep leading positions in Euromonitor’s ranking of Top 50 billion-dollar food brands for ten years

The international market research agency Euromonitor has analysed around seventy five billion-dollar global food brands, ranking them by volume of annual sales in 2004, and in 2014. The chart below explores how the biggest food brands have grown or shrunk during the past decade.

Interestingly, if back in 2004 all top 10 positions were taken by American brands, such as Kellogg’s, Kraft, Lay’s, Wrigley’s, and others, in 2014 we see the Chinese brands Yili and Mengniu ranked as the third and the fourth, respectively, with another two Asian food giants Master Kong and Arawana closing the top 10 list.

The Asia-Pacific region was the major driver of global growth in the packaged food industry, having added US$180 billion to the market over a decade 2004-2014—which accounts for 48%.

Pic.: Comparative Euromonitor’s rankings of Top 50 billion-dollar food brands: in 2004 and in 2014

Another strong trend is a considerable decrease of sales of some core companies brands and the rise of more specific better targeted brands. For example, the French diary company Danone has seen a solid fall in sales for its eponymous brand Danone, while its yogurt-specific brand Activia has risen up from 66th place in the ranking to 12th.

Below are the top 10 billion-dollar food brands of the past decade by cumulative sales (fixed 2014 exchange rate).

1. Kellogg’s
2. Lay’s
3. Kraft
4. Wrigley
5. Cadbury
6. Yili
7. Knorr
8. Mengnui
9. Kinder
10. Oscar Mayer.