Brits’ purpose and physical well-being declines over past five years, Kantar TGI and Gallup-Healthways find out

Two independent researches conducted at different times by Kantar TGI and Gallup-Healthways prove that the level of well-being amongst U.K. residents has declined  from 2009. 

Pic.: Briton's well-being in figures, Gallup
Pic.: Briton’s well-being in figures, Gallup

Gallup’s data gained as part of the Global Well-Being Index study in 2013-2014, showed that just 25% of Britons were thriving in purpose well-being, and 51% considered they were struggling in this criterion. By «purpose well-being» Gallup means liking what a person does each day and being motivated to achieve his/her goals. This index was the lowest among single British people and men.

Pic. Single Britons and men are less happy than others, Gallup
Pic. Single Britons and men are less happy than others, Gallup

Interestingly, the U.K. closes the top 11 list of countries with the highest purpose-wellbeing in Europe, where Denmark ranks as No 1 (45% feel «thriving»).

At the same time, 46% of the respondents reported that in 2013 they felt quite happy with the financial state of things, so their general level of well-being was not influenced by economic reasons.

More or less the same trend was proved by the Kantar TGI’s study: 57% of U.K. respondents agreed that they were «happy with their life» in 2014 against 63% in 2009.

Even fewer Britons were happy with their physical well-being—health and beauty self-perception. Just 36% agreed that their diet was healthy and 54% that they looked after their appearance in 2014—against 41% and 62% in 2009, respectively.

Both studies revealed a strong correlation between healthy food and happiness (physical well-being), as well as with the ability and opportunity to achieve personal goals (purpose well-being), however, the level of income and financial well-being was found to have less influence on the general level happiness in Britain.

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