Leo Messi and Serena Williams stand for accessible education for all children in “1 in 11” fundraising campaign

International non-profit organizations UNICEF, FC Barcelona Foundation and Reach Out To Asia have joined forces this year to raise awareness of and funds for children from deprived regions of the world who don’t have access to basic education.

Together, the organizations have launched a fundraising campaign «1 in 11» fronted by the well-known athletes—the football player Lionel Messi and the tennis champion Serena Williams. The name «1 in 11» comes from the fact that about 1 in 11—or 58 million out of 650 million—children in the world can’t attend schools, according to UNICEF’s statistics.

The campaign includes inspirational «Keep Up» videos with Leo and Serena who ask fans to keep up the ball in the air for at least 11 touches, film the process and share it via social media for a chance to win some small prizes and encourage global donations to www.1in11.org.

The videos were produced by Resolution Productions, Qatar’s leading TV production company, and the website was developed by Techdept, a UK-based marketing technology agency.

Some world-renowned artists such as Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, and Jeff Koons also support the programme. Mr. Murakami has designed the visual identity and logo for the campaign. To help raise funds, they all donated some of their artworks that are to be sold at a major art auction at Sotheby’s in London on Thursday 12th February.

Particularly, the funds will be spent on educational programmes in the three Asian countries: Indonesia, Nepal and Bangladesh.