Sustainable future: 43% of Americans refuse to buy eco-unfriendly products

In the end of 2014, the U.S-based marketing consultancy Tiller in collaboration with the online polling company Pollara Strategic Insights surveyed 1,005 Americans aged 18+ across 50 states to learn how their «green state of mind» had changed. Around 83% of the respondents agreed that in 2015 they would adopt a more environmentally responsible lifestyle; about 60% vowed to make «green resolutions» this year (a 7% increase since 2009, 11%+ since 2007).

Overall, Americans rate the climate change and environmental problems (45%) higher than terrorism (35%) and thread of pandemics (21%), while 57% consider that the environmental problems have worsen over their lifetime.

The key findings of the survey are, as follows:

1. Increased concerns for the planet and wellbeing of the next generations. Over a half (58%) of the respondents agree that their concerns about the environment have increased over the past years. The vast majority (85%) agree that leaving a cleaner, sustainable planet for their descendants is one of their biggest responsibilities. However, around 11% still consider environment a minor problem.

2. Women are even more «eco-conscious» than men. 64% of female respondents (vs. 52% male) agree that their environmental concerns are increasing; 87% of women (vs. 78% men) agreed to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in 2015; 53% of women (vs. 42% of men) felt guilty for previous non-sustainable behaviors; only 20% of women (vs. 32% of men) agreed that the lifestyle of an individual cannot make a tangible impact on the environment.

3. People are skeptical about corporate «green efforts.» While 78% of the respondents agree that businesses must be sustainable and environmentally responsible, just 21% believe that environmental concerns are the main reason for companies to adopt sustainable practices. 78% consider that it is important to buy from a socially and environmentally responsible company, while 43% have refused to buy a product over the past year if they had concern about its impact on the environment.

4. People know how exactly to reduce their environmental impact. More than 75% know and make some simple grassroots efforts that can help, such as using non-toxic cleaning and washing products, reducing the use of paper, disposal of batteries, etc.

«As we enter a new year, Americans should feel more empowered than ever to make a positive environmental change,» said Tiller president Jim Marren. «When it comes to safeguarding the future of our environment, millions of individual actions can have a transformational impact.»

The full report can be downloaded here (in pdf).