The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation addresses the problem of children vaccination through art

The charitable organization founded by Bill & Melinda Gates in 2000 is known for its continuous support for social causes, in particular, kids’ vaccination in the poorest regions of the world.

In 2015, the foundation is launching a new campaign «The art of saving a life» in collaboration with talented artists, photographers and musicians, to raise awareness of high mortality among children from various infections from which there are vaccines in the developed world. The effort also seeks to encourage donations and raise funds to support the organizations helping to reach every child with life-saving vaccines.

Photo: "Vaccines as love serum" by Mauro Perucchetti
Photo: «Vaccines as love serum» by Mauro Perucchetti

Among the participating artists there are world-renowned photographers Annie Leibovitz, Sebastião Salgado, Mary Ellen Mark; a filmmaker Luc Jaquet, music bands Yegna and Playing for Change, and 24 more people of art. They all express their vision on why immunization is important, adding a personal fresh touch to a much-discussed, old but still hot problem.

It is expected that online users will share these artworks on social media with the tag #VaccinesWork and inspire more people to learn, think, and donate.

Some artworks from «The art of saving a life» campaign will be showcased at the international event of the private-public partnership of Gavi, the Vaccine Aliance, which is expected to raise billions dollars from donors.

All the artworks, including photos, illustrations, paintings, films, as well as musical and literary pieces, can be seen here.