52% of U.S. Millenials rate savvy use of technology over the brand name when making a purchase

Digitally-savvy marketing proves to be even more effective in engaging Millenials than image branding or PR. A new six-month study from the U.S. data and analytics company Annalect, a part of Omnicom Media Group, has revealed how technology impacts Millenials’ relationships with brands.

The researchers found that 52% of over 3,000 respondents aged 19-33 considered that technological competence of a brand was the most important factor of making a purchase, while only 48% paid attention to the brand name in the first place.

Over 33% of the surveyed Millenials said they would stay loyal to a brand which kept up to date with modern technology. The same number of respondents agreed that technology created added value to a brand. Among the best performers in tech engagement, the respondents named Apple, Google, Amazon, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret. These brands, as the surveyed Millenials consider, are the best at user experience provided through apps, mobile marketing (deals and coupons through texts), emails and social media engagement.

Interestingly, the research revealed that 57% preferred using apps over web browsing on mobile, moreover, around 55% used app store to learn information about a new brand.

More findings are available on Annalect’s blog.