Brand Finance announces the most valuable, powerful and fastest growing brands of 2015

The global brand evaluation and strategy firm Brand Finance has release the annual Global 500 report that analyses the brand strength, financial brand value as well as the brand value growth rates of hundreds of the world’s leading brands.

Pic.: The most powerful brands in 2015, Brand Finance Global 500 report

The most powerful brand of 2015 is Lego with the brand strength index score 93.4 of 100.00. The Danish toy company has overtaken the last year’s leader Ferrari,which is at the ninth position in the 2015 ranking. As analysts argue, Lego owes its success to the popular Lego Movie that had cross-generational appeal and added $500m to the overall brand value ($3,89 bn).

Pic.: The most valuable brands in 2015, Brand Finance Global 500 report

In terms of financial brand value, Apple is the unconventional leader worth $128 billion. Moreover, the company has recently announced its market capitalization reached $701.8 bn, which is the biggest figure in the history of business and higher than the GDP of the top 19 countries. Experts explain this enormous success as a result of high demand on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Pic.: The fastest growing brands in 2015, Brand Finance Global 500 report

Twitter, whose commercial value has increase from $1.5 bn in early 2014 to $4.4 bn now is the fastest growing brand in the report with almost annual 185% growth rate. Interestingly, the three top fastest growing brands are the social networks: the Chinese Baidu and the US-based Facebook follow Twitter as the second and third on the list, respectively.

The full Brand Finance Global 500 report 2015 with more tables, further insight and analysis can be found here.