The Screen Donor app works for good when your smartphone is in “sleeping” mode

Mobile apps can and should be used for good, the NGO “Doctors of the World” along with their agencies JMW and IVEO have proven. 

Together they have created an app called Screen Donor that uses a smartphone’s “sleeping” display as a medium for free social ads—to raise awareness of the charitable medical organization providing healthcare to the most socially vulnerable categories of people in Sweden and the UK. The only thing a user has to donate is the phone’s battery life.

“We need more people to know about us and fundraising in order to keep our clinic open. But we don’t have the money or the muscles to launch a large ad campaign. But with Screen Donor we can potentially create thousands of ads on phones all over Sweden. The only thing the user needs to sacrifice is their battery time. A small price to pay for helping people get access to healthcare,” says Johannes Mosskin from Doctors of the World in Sweden.

The Screen Donor app is already available in App Store and Google Play. The first cause-related smartphone application of this kind was launched in February 2014 by UNICEF as part of the Tap Project. The users were asked to download the app and donate at least 10 minutes of their time (not touching the phone) in order to provide a child from the poorest regions of the world with a daily amount of clean drinkable water.