The world’s first virtual app-based running league Checkpoints Race launches

The deeper the digital technology penetrates our daily lives, the more tolerant we become to things that could have been considered excessive even a year ago. 

In 2015, thanks to social media we can not only have thousands of online «friends,» but we can also be part of a virtual sports community competing with teams we’ll probably never meet.

Pic.: a screenshot from main page
Pic.: a screenshot from main page

The first of its kind in-app «social» subscription-based platform for runners Checkpoint Place encourages individual runners across the world to improve their results by joining the digital community. Users will be able to download the CP app, register, create teams of five people or less—in order to complete real sporting challenges and collect scores. As it is supposed by the creators of the Checkpoint Place startup, the digital competition will culminate with a real running race in French Alps in September in which 50 best teams will take part.

The brand positioning of Checkpoint Place was developed in collaboration with the global social media marketing and communications agency We Are Social.

On February 23rd Checkpoint Place will launch a crowdfunding campaign that would encourage runners to sign up at an early-bird discounted rate. The app is set to launch in App Store on April 1st. It can be synchronized with already popular running apps such as RunKeeper or Strava.