SB Index 2015 names sustainability leaders in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway

SB Insight, a Stockholm-based sustainability communications and insight agency, has released its fifth annual study and ranking Sustainable Brand Index 2015 that analyzes performance in environmental and social responsibility of 709 Scandinavian brands—as seen by 27,000 consumers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The study consists of three parts: the evaluation of the researched data and compiling the four country rankings along with dozens of industry/segment lists of top performers; analysis of the consumer behaviour and categorization of the types of consumers based on their attitude to sustainability; overview of the current trends in corporate sustainability in the Scandinavian region and worldwide.

For the study, two quantitative online surveys and a series of in-depth qualitative interviews were conducted. The questionnaire was based on UN Global Compact’s 10 principals about environmental and social responsibility.

The respondents were asked to measure their perception of sustainability effort of the selected brands on a 5-point scale, where 4 and 5 were «good» and «very good» respectively. A brand could gain 200% at maximum (100% in eco- and 100% in social responsibility). The 709 brands participating in the study were selected based on their market share in the respective country, turnover and brand awareness.

Danish consumers are the most skeptical 

Interestingly, figures, leaders, overall findings and trends on each four Nordic markets differ. For example, consumers in Denmark have the lowest level of optimism towards brands’ sustainable behaviour (21% of 200%) compared to respondents from Sweden (32%), Norway (33%) or Finland (47%).

The performing industries in all four market are also different. While in Sweden consumers rated pharmaceutical brands as the most sustainable, in Norway they named the hotel industry as the top sustainability performer; meanwhile Finland’s and  Denmark’s respondents voted for grocery store brands.

Swedish market is the most mature in regard to sustainability

The analysts behind the study name the Swedish market the most mature in regard to sustainability issues, while the Finnish one, on the opposite—the least mature in this terms, thus, the most optimistic. Just 26% of Swedish respondents are either not aware or not interested in sustainability; 50% are moderately interested, 17% are «smartly» interested, while 7% are avid sustainability adopters.

Overall, in all four countries, women are more sustainability concious than men, and the higher the level of education (on average), the more consumers are dedicated to sustainable products and services.

Top 10 in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 in Sweden

Rank Brand Percentage Industry
1 Saltå Kvarn 88% Food and drinks
2 Coop 86% Grocery store
3 Lantmännen 86% Food and drinks
4 Apoteket 84% Pharmacy
5 IKEA 80% Retail
6 ICA 79% Grocery store
7 Systembolaget 76% Grocery store
8 Arla 76% Food and drinks
9 Fjällräven 74% Fashion and beauty
10 Godel 72% Electricity

Top 10 in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 in Norway

Rank Brand Percentage Industry
1 Stormberg 78% Retail
2 Tine 71% Food and drinks
3 IKEA 66% Retail
4 Nordic Choice Hotel 66% Hotels
5 COOP 63% Grocery store
6 Clarion Hotels 63% Hotels
7 Quality Hotels 62% Hotels
8 Clarion Collection Hotels 62% Hotels
9 Vinmonopolet 58% Grocery store
10 KIWI 58% Grocery store

Top 10 in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 in Denmark

Rank Brand Percentage Industry
1 IRMA 79% Grocery store
2 Superbrugsen 66% Grocery store
3 Kvickly 63% Grocery store
4 IKEA 59% Retail
5 Dagli’Brugsen 57% Grocery store
6 Arla 53% Food and drinks
7 REMA1000 52% Grocery store
8 Rynkeby 48% Food and drinks
9 Sygeforsikringen Danmark 47% Insurance
10 Matas 45% Retail

Top 10 in Sustainable Brand Index 2015 in Finland

Rank Brand Percentage Industry
1 Valio 99% Food and drinks
2 Fazer 84% Food and drinks
3 Myllyn Paras 81% Food and drinks
4 S-market 81% Grocery store
5 Snellman 81% Food and drinks
6 Prisma 81% Retail
7 Saarionen 80% Food and drinks
8 Vaasan 80% Food and drinks
9 Osuusmeijeri 80% Food and drinks
10 K-Kauppa 79% Grocery store

Fore more insights and to download reports by country, please visit SB Index website.