Don Bidon: how we built up a successful package design that won hearts

Last year, we received a brief. Basically, it was like many others. There were the objectives of the project, the name and a great desire to have an outstanding packaging design in the end.

The task for Getbrand was to develop a brand for dairy products made of natural traditional ingredients. The client company already had a name for the brand—cheerful and emotional—Don Bidon (“bidon” is a traditional Slavonic water can). The brief included references of how Don should have looked like and even the description of some details of the brand personage: a middle-aged farmer, wearing high boots, hat and working outfit.

Step 1. Searching for ideas.

Getting into the project, we decided to take a distance and look at our final goal from above keeping in mind the objectives of the brief. We started asking questions:

– When do we eat dairy products?

– What do we lack when we are having breakfast?

– What can we offer other than high quality to a consumer to draw his/her attention?

The more questions we asked the clearer we understood that the solution had to be brighter and stir consumer’s emotional nature.

We realized that dairy was often consumed for breakfast—the part of the day we spend with our family and people we love. Why can’t we make it the warmest and most emotional part of the day when we get utmost inspiration to make our day creative?

Step 2. Tone of voice.

Don Bidon was a funny name, so we decided that the overall tonality of the brand had to be light, friendly and inspiring. We believed simple traditional dairy products brand could gain open cheerful and lively brand character.

Step 3. Beyond brainstorming. Expressing the idea in design.

We started working on design with sketching the ideas. Here we realized: each product had to have a different personality. We found a number of characters and expressed that on paper first and than started picking ingredients for our portraits. That funny game inspired us, so we believed it would inspire and give a scope for creativity to the brand consumers as well. Our cottage cheese became a good-natured merry fellow, butter—a charismatic Don with a big mustache, cottage cheese with raisin—a good-natured person with a funny forelock. All the other design details continued telling a story of Don Bidon.

DB Getbrand _02

Photo: drawing sketches for Don Bidon
Photo: drawing sketches for Don Bidon

Logo was executed as a speech bubble. Mini water-can attached to the logo to point out the fat percentage became a funny amusing detail supplementing the brand image. Fonts were designed roundish, merry and friendly as if hand drawn with a brush and paints.

Step 4. What we got in the end.

Don Bidon appealed to emotional side of consumers rather than rational and won over their hearts. Getbrand developed a strong brand with a light and fresh communication in a very traditional food category. Don Bidon appeared to be one of the brightest startups of 2014 on the Russian market and became a love mark.

DB Getbrand_03

Photo: Don Bidon product packaging: cottage cheese and chocolate butter
Photo: Don Bidon product packaging: cottage cheese and chocolate butter

What personality inspires your breakfast?

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Lina Nazyrova is the 29-year-old creative director associate at Getbrand branding agency located in Moscow. She has worked on both client and agency side in FMCG and financial industry. Since 2012, Lina is responsible for brand communications, tone of voice, copywriting and design management at Getbrand.