60% of creative industry professionals in the UK are optimistic about salary and skills increase in 2015

London-based creative platform Creativepool together with the marketing recruitment agency Purple have conducted a demographic and salary survey among 1,000 industry professionals across the UK. 

One the the key findings of the study is that the gap between London and nationwide level of salaries in creative industry has dropped by 6%, however, 56% of the respondents from all regions still feel underpaid. On the brighter side, 60% are sure they salary will rise this year, while 61% expect that their professional skills will improve over this period of time.

Here are some demographic findings from the «2015 Salary Guide and Survey»:

  • 33% find a new job directly; 28%—though recruitment agencies; 27%—through job boards, 12% use social media.
  • 43% work on the agency side; 28%— client side, 27% are freelancers.
  • 59% are male.
  • 26-35 years old dominate with 54%; 36-45 y.o. account for 23%, 19-25—15%, 45-55—6%, 55+ — 2%.
  • Digital and Web sectors employs the biggest number of creatives— 22%, 5% up from 2014.
  • 22% earn 18-24k a year, 17%—25-28k, 16% — 29-35k,  13%—51,000+, 11%—under 18,000.
  • 82% don’t have other sources of income.
  • 37% and 36% are mid-level or senior level, just 16%—junior.

Michael Tomes, Founder of Creativepool, says:

“The research found that the pay gap for workers in London and those outside has started to close. Salaries in the capital have always been known to be higher but with the London housing crisis, more creatives are beginning to reside in larger cities as we have seen many new agencies and studios appearing in cities such as Glasgow, Manchester Bristol and Brighton.

A big part of this is due to the «digital switchover”, people no longer need to be in London, the digital economy facilitates people working away from the expense of the capital. ”

The full reports and more findings are available here.