Coca-Cola removes logo from limited-edition cans in the Middle East

For the month of Ramadan, a religious Muslim holiday, Coca-Cola company has released a limited edition of two logo-less cans in a gift box. Each can features Coke’s iconic white stripe on a red background on one side and a phrase on the other side: “Labels are for cans, not for people.”

Photo: Coca-Cola 'no-label' Ramadan limited-edition can, 2015
Photo: Coca-Cola ‘no-label’ Ramadan limited-edition can, 2015

In this way the company promotes the message of people’s equality and tolerance in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious world, particularly, in the Middle East.

These cans are part of a bigger campaign that includes a series of videos describing a social experiment conducted by the brand’s team. In the video we see six men from Midldle East who are talking to each other in the dark room. When the lights are turned on, each of them is surprised to see others, because social labels and stereotypes always draw us a picture of how a person should look like.

The experiment was conceptualized and produced in collaboration withFP7, a division of McCann Worldwide, and Memac Ogilvy.