Marketing and YouTube: 12 most popular beauty bloggers on planet Earth

Most social networks help people to close themselves: typical photos, common trends, minimum words. The same happens in digital marketing: effective promotion, an endless number of likes and nobody can even recall what product it was for. But even digital part of Universe has an absolute harmony and the role of savior from this sand castle system plays YouTube.

So, YouTube. People are really tired from falseness: unrealistic television, lying advertising, cinema, fashion and all other standards. And YouTube gives everyone a chance to be natural: critical, sarcastic, ridiculous, funny, free and any other. One of greatest YouTube phenomena is beauty blogging that opens up new horizons to people and marketing.

Due to beauty blogging society gets communication with like-minded, free of standards self-realization and beauty popularization (it’s better to write another article than to explain how important it is).

And what gets marketing from beauty blogging? First of all, real view to consumers as a chance to understand them and to maintain an effective dialogue. Then honest detailed reviews of products as a help to improve them. And, if it comes to extremely popular bloggers, plenty of ideas for successful promotion.

Today Popsop Research’s goal is to present exactly such beauty bloggers – extremely popular girls from 12 countries (one of each) what helps to understand beauty blogging in general.

By a total number of subscribers, the list would be a little different, but our purpose was not to make another list of American girls that is so easy to find. A national difference in blogging is much more interesting according to our values.


These crazy talented ladies are worth more than small round photos in the ranking, and we’re glad to show you their videos that can be useful for marketers (products or girls’ behavior). Welcome to this multi-language carousel.

1. Yuya — Mariand Castrejon, Mexico, 22 y.o. #1 beauty guru on Earth.

It seems like we say this phrase in every article, but really – the world doesn’t stop to surprise us. Total YouTube champion in beauty blogging is a very energetic girl Yuya from Mexico whose videos are even not in English.

2. Bethany Mota, 20 y.o. #1 beauty guru in the United States.

3. Zoella — Zoe Sugg, 25 y.o. #1 beauty guru in the United Kingdom.

4. CutiePieMarzia — Marzia Bisognin, 23 y.o. #1 beauty guru from Italy (Marzia is living in the UK and dating total YouTube champion Felix Kjellberg PewDiePie, who has more than 40 million subscribers).

5. TheKateClapp — Ekaterina Trofimova, 22 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Russia.

6. Lauren Curtis, 22 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Australia.

7. BibisBeautyPalace — Bianca Heinicke, 22 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Germany.

8. LaurDIY — Lauren Riihimaki, 22 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Canada.

9. Camila Coelho, 27 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Brazil.

10. Shaaanxo — Shannon Harris, 23 y.o. #1 beauty guru in New Zealand.

11. Patry Jordan, 31 y.o. #1 beauty guru in Spain.

12. EnjoyPhoenix — Marie Lopez, 20 y.o. #1 beauty guru in France.