Reality vs. Social Media: the story of Essena O’Neill, the model with rebellious heart

As we are not tired to repeat, we don’t support defining people by numbers, the usual thing in digital marketing. That’s why we feel need to write about bright individualities who create or reflect actual for marketing trends. Today personal article is dedicated to model Essena O’Neill.

Essena O’Neill is 19 y.o. Australian model who made a successful career on social media (more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 subscribers on YouTube).


Hundreds of inspiring photos, healthy lifestyle, hidden advertising — nothing unusual, until…


In first days of November, Essena challenged the world to realize how much social media ruin the real life. Also, she declared about the falseness of model career on Instagram.



Then Essena has deleted all accounts and started a website Let’s Be Game Changers, where she shares her experience with a big talent.

Essena O’Neill is one of most famous persons who create the trend that thoughtful marketers have to consider — social networking fatigue. Actually, she is not just ‘one of’ — Essena represents the generation that grew up in social media reality and became indivisible with it. That’s why it can be called awakening, not just shunning.

Free of social media people are a very mindful audience, and, if company’s values are bigger than stereotype reactions in social networks, Essena’s experience will be such a great help to have an effective dialogue with this public.