The most fashionable country on Earth and its global influence


French chic, Italian grace, Japanese modesty — it is almost senselessly to focus on these stereotypes in modern relations with consumers. Today Popsop Research is dedicated to global fashion preferences to the nearest minute.

There is no better way to understand consumers than to see what helps them express themselves while building own ideal world on social media. To find all answers we used main reality detector – Instagram.


When it comes to South Korea world must forget any stereotypes about Asia. South Korea is a country with a very individual bright energy and plenty of distinctions, today we start from one of the major — fashion.


To talk about the global influence of Korean fashion objectively we chose popular in country subculture Ulzzang and traced its spread around the world.

Ulzzang is a popular South Korean term literally meaning «best face» or «good-looking», in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows a specific style of fashion (cute, feminine, romantic).

Usually ‘subculture’ is not a very healthy definition, but Ulzzang is an exception: its bright and common features are elegance, good taste and sense of style.


Ulzzang is popular in many countries and presented on Instagram wider than Korean fashion in general.


Interestingly that Ulzzang is the subculture — the only that we can recall — that relates to kids. There are at least 10 communities on Instagram dedicated to ‘Ulzzang kids’ of different nations.


To those who want and need to know South Korea better we traditionally present bright individualities who reflect the trend of Korean fashion popularity.

1. Jina Kim — Director of DUIER, fashion youtuber, co-founder of IBFKSeoul, Instagram — @itsjinakim.

To know South Korea better, to inspire by Jina’s talent and passion for life, to feel a friendly energy and to love this country.

2. Aimee Song — a fashion and interior design Blogger, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, Instagram — @songofstyle.

To know a life of international blogger from Korea living in the USA better, to hear the deep thoughtful person, to enjoy the beauty of Woman and World.

3. Ray fashion photographer, Instagram — @shotslugger_ray.

To see extremely talented and alive street style photos from Seoul, to know South Korea and Korean people in the face, to enjoy fashion energy of the country.

Ray is the photographer who we want to thank so much for almost all photos in the article! And we can’t resist the wish to make a little gallery of South Korea people and their style as a final chord. All photos belong to Ray.