Urban-sketching: the whole world into paper


When we find something interesting around us, we try to make a shot by all means. But there are some individuals who get from pocket a notebook instead smartphone. It is urban-sketchers and one after another image they try to show the world to society.

Urban-sketchers – is a world community, non-commercial organization, consisting from artists (amateurs and professionals), who draw live sketches in countries and towns, where they are living or traveling.

Founder and leader of community is a publicist and illustrator from Spain, Gabriel Campanario. His famous journalistic career commenced from columns and sketches in The Seattle Time Newspaper. In order to gather all talented illustrators together, he has set up artists community on social network Flickr and blog for urban-sketchers, where hundreds correspondents publish sketches and description to it, for example when and where it was taken.


It is exactly Gabriel, who has transformed amateur sketchers community into non-commercial organization with its own structure and charter.


Moreover, he is the author not only of this movement but also of numerous manuals related to sketching art. According to reader’s responses Campanario books are great. But the essence is that his materials inspire audience for creative work and painting!




Sketchers, from non-commercial organization of Campanario, establish their own communities in different countries and towns worldwide. Who are these people? First of all, they are sensitive to the world individuals with creative mind. They can depict everything they see – from commonplace village landscape to famous sights. Secondly, they can have any education. Not all of them are students or professors of architecture colleges. And thirdly, it is free people, who like to travel, crossing whole continents searching for plot.


Regard to their accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we can notice, that there is some kind of monotony and full absence of personal photos. And forefront of their post is always occupied by sketches, as the way of world reflecting.

Finally, talking about marketing, we can conclude that sketchers are quite thoughtful audience and if company desires to keep its good name, effective dialogue with such public – is the best way to do it.