Personality as a brand: Dinoboy and Dinogirl


Who or what comes to your mind when we pronounce word combination: “Brand of personality”? Likely, it associated to such celebrities like Charlie Chaplin, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, who had spent a lot of time, efforts and talent to gain fame. Today’s Popsop research devoted to 2 representatives of modern youth, who unwittingly have created a new brand.

Proficient marketing specialists, working on new brand try their best to consolidate into consumer’s consciousness stable associations, ideas and emotions which should be evoked at encounter with product. In fact, it is the same idea to brand of personality. There recognition, demand and popularity are most important. Certainly, show-business and art spheres are leaders in number of name-brands.

But our purpose is not to investigate celebrities, whose famous names is work of public relations experts and managers. We are going to consider gaining popularity Instagram accounts of modern western youth, which bring social resonance and turn upside down of XXI century marketing concepts.

There is an opinion that personality, we call “brand”, ought to have some kind of talent, set of peculiar skills, particular qualities – so-called charisma. It looks fair in regard, for instance, to Steve Jobs. But there are some exceptions, when it’s not the case.

Account of so-called Dinogirl (Instagram — @dinodoll), was created only 3 months ago, though it has 3 000 subscribers. Real name of a girl (also her face), who has put on dinosaur’s mask and still has not taken it off, is being kept in secret. Although, she intends to reveal herself to the world.


By the way, everything has commenced very trivially. There were no intentions to conquer the social network by posts, or furthermore to become the most recognizable brand.


Actually, the most inoffensive childish trick has attracted audience by its shocking emotionality. Life of dinogirl is developing on posted photos: there she is traveling, taking part in competitions, watching a movie and playing gaming machines. For quite short period of time, our character has become an idol not only for hundreds of plain users, but for creative individuals (designers, artists and stylists) and even for companies.

Chris Adams is a professor of arts, dino fan (Texas). Instagram — @darth.zorel.

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George Sillivan – web designer, illustrator, artist from Florida. Instagram @joshcomics.


Online store of decorative toys PaintedParade (San-Antonio, Texas). Instagram @paintedparade.


Shay Woody Wood – artist and musician from North Caroline. Instagram @sheawood24.


Adventurer, photograph and painter from California Arkeyana (nickname). Instagram @arkeyana.


Jen Warban — artist and teacher, from west side. Instagram @jenwurbanart.


And it’s only a small part of represented material on Dinogirl’s page and accounts of her admirers. By the way, it is the same fans, who being concerned for idol have found her a Dinoboy. His account has no distinctions between Dinogirl except gender.


Moreover, the couple has found each other, and who knows, perhaps in near future we will be witnesses of real dinowedding on Instagram.