Charity and arts: Michael Beitz artworks


What is the design furniture? At least it is the artwork, created by skilled master. It looks unusual, expensive and mostly this kind of goods sold by preorder. However there are some people who share their talents with public for free. As example we took works of American sculptor and designer Michael Beitz.

Gifted designers, who invent 3-legged tables or arm chairs look like a bundle of firewood, were, are and always will be. Besides selling of their invaluable goods, they show it on different exhibitions in prestigious museums. Art connoisseurs are coming, watching and paying millions to possess this wonder.

But eventually new type of creators has appeared who not only exposes their pieces of arts on prestigious exhibitions but also share products of talent with audience without taking any payment for it even for tickets. Indeed, exhibits of such designers, sculptors and architects are exposed to public.

Famous American designer Michael Beitz (Instagram @michael_beitz), creates unusual art-projects, ideas for which he draws from routine life, converting ordinary things into something special. For example plain table, which we see in everyday life, is observed by Michael otherwise, with the middle twisted into loop. By the way, besides furniture manufacturing Michael creates sculptures, which are also available to audience for free. The purpose of today’s Popsop research is to figure out how society responds to such activity of modern ‘’mass art’’ masters.

Linsey Graff is outstanding architect and designer from Buffalo. Linsey also has an experience in sphere of housing construction and public works. At the moment Linsey is the president of Buffalo architecture foundation.


Oscar P.L. – is the woodwork master from Sweden. On his Tumblr account Oscar writes that love to wood appeared in his childhood, when his aunt gave him a rattle first time. Therefore he is able to evaluate Michael Beitz’s works not as amateur but as professional.


SemiMelon is the digital art expert. Her account full of publications with unusual art objects of different authors: paintings, architecture, sculptors’ works etc.


But not everyone approves Michael Beitz’s activity. By the way, ill-wishers, who don’t consider his works as masterpieces, have burnt Michael’s studio, where were kept not only exhibits but author’s personal stuff. This is Michael’s comments about incident.


We have come to obvious conclusion that people of art undoubtedly appreciate attempts of their colleagues to share products of work with public for free. However among inhabitants there is part who regards author’s artworks as something weird. But it is the matter of taste…

Concerning marketing, undoubtedly, to develop such directions of art, to provide with sponsorship or to donate funds to creative individuals is one of the right steps to conquer potential audience for any successful company.