Instax-collectors: chasing for the vogue


Instant picture printing is not a new feature for generation who has used Polaroid. But age of popularity of these funny photo-frames was gone more than 10 years ago. And not a long time ago we were pleased by a new gadget invention called Fuji insax Mini, which captures frames of credit card size. However such dimensions do not embarrass photo-funs, but rather turn desire of creating pictures into real craze, the instacraze.

Shooting is very exciting process, especially when the snapshot can be held into hands in second after taking. Swapping cartridges allow making infinite amount pictures of anything every day. For many people insta-frames has become the object for collecting. And in order to learn how such hobby attracts their attention Popsop has gone to the exciting trip across Instagram accounts.

Daniel Fierro G. (Instagram — @danielfierrog) – a guy of 24 y.o. from Mexico, a holder of science and communications-technic degree and active user of Instagram (more than 1000 publications)

For Daniel insta-frames is just the decoration of interior.


Teacher, sportsman, and fun of instaframes from Australia (Sydney) with nickname jiayilim18 collects frames in order to capture and remember every precious moment of life.


There are the most “genuine” fans that not only keep frames into albums or hang them on the walls but even make stands. Jasmine has been doing it for several years. For rating the progress girl has published stand with insta-frames taken today and 2 years ago on her Instagram account page @ohjeezjaelynn.


For someone insta-frame is the way to capture themselves in all positions and under all angles. Such collection may hang on the wall. Isn’t it a good way to amuse vanity? On account page of Sherly Jesslyn (Instagram — @sherlyjesslyn) – 90% of snapshots are the pictures of her face: smiling and without smile, made-up and plain, on insta-frames and on collages.


Fashion is the violent thing and if you can afford why not to purchase Instax for all kinds of garment and for all cases of life? The same as it has done the user with nickname @nayzwan.


Finally let’s notice, that collecting of insta-frames is a new trend and appeared with invention of eponymous instant print camera Instax. There are 89 publications on Instagram under hashtag #instaxcollection. However are there limits for things that are popular among active youth? We assume there are not.