Pets as family members: the loss of humanity


Many people have heard a joke about a strong and independent woman who lives with forty cats. As we know there is a grain of truth in every joke, and all these mockeries are made up on the ground of real-life situations. Popsop pursued a new research and found out what is the hidden agenda of people who consider their pets as family members and what share have pets in their lives.

There is nothing remarkable in the fact that people adopt a pet. Our domestic animals give us positive emotions, improve mood and even brighten up weekdays and lonely life of many people. However, for some people they are not only pets but, for example, children who even have their own accounts in social media.

@nickithepoodle is an Instagram webpage of the poodle called Nicki. His so-called parents, Julia and Freddy, post photos of the entrancing life of their favorite.


Nicki also has a brother, but he is certainly not a poodle, he is a little son of the couple. There is a tag #iwantabrothermam under the photo. So the parents consider their child and their puppy in the same capacity. But the child has only one post, while the dog has the whole webpage.


@mollysweetface is another Instagram “animal account” of the Chihuahua Molly Moreno (the USA). The mother of the doggy Chich doesn’t leave her dog in the least and even takes her to the work.


Molly is not alone in the family. You can see photos of her numerous brothers and sisters in several posts.



@healthnut_rd is an account of a young lady Amber Hannon who is a nutritionist by profession and a cat lover in reality. Amber is a named mother of two cats, who are on the second place after the dietetic food for her, judging by the contents of the webpage.


Besides, Amber doesn’t conceal the self-irony with respect to the fact that she considers the cats as her children.


However, some users find there nothing ridiculous, but rather on the contrary don’t imagine their lives without the pets. Jamena Taylor (Instagram — @meenabeena54) is an excellent example.


For Alisha Miyasato (Instagram — @alisha_n_sookie22), who is a dog and cat lover in one, domestic animals are creatures who gratuitously give the owners their love and positive emotions and even serve as a useful therapy.


There are those who put this love of pets to the owners before even the genuine human love and the most tender feelings. The invocatory touching post of the model Amanda Dye to her doggy (Instagram — @amandakdye) is an excellent confirmation.


Who are these people who fanatically love their pets? It’s hard to say exactly. We can’t say that they are all excluded people because many of them have nuclear families and children. Also it would be wrong to say that these people have no other hobbies except spending the time with their pets, given that ninety percent of these people have quite a good life. Lack of human love and warmth is a unifier for all pet lovers. So they have to draw these missing in their life emotions upon their pets that give them gratuitously and enslave hearts with their faith and allegiance to the owner. All this is a great reason to conclude that today animals have become more humane than the people in the modern world!