Artificial intellect: substitution of reality


Mechanization and computerization of society are the processes which were launched long time ago and cannot be stopped. Technical revolution outstrips all the limits of acceptance, and then the gadgets occupied the world. People accomplish a minimum of manipulations of those that could make earlier. We will tell you about the world’s first beauty contest where an artificial intellect Beauty.AI 2.0 is a jury and how this event caused a wave of new discussions about the role of machines in the human’s life.

The first round of the contest took place in 2015. About 5000 people all over the world took part in it. It was necessary to download their photo without make-up, glasses and beard on the website of the project and then to wait for the results. The winner is a woman and a man whose appearances maximally meet standards from the artificial intellect’s perspective.

In 2016 the organizers called Laboratory of Youth launched the second round of the contest, which attracted twice or even three times as much attention as the first round. Social media users took up the highly urgent questions: is it fair that a machine determines and appreciates the standards of human beauty, what role the artificial intellect plays in human’s life and what impact will it have on our planet’s future.

The user under the name Nilay (Instagram — @techwezzard) is a blogger and enthusiast in the field of technic. He posted an article under the name “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE !!! A Mystery Beyond Mysteries” in his blog. He tells here about how the artificial intellect is unknown and dangerous for the humanity. Nilay posts the summary of the article on his webpage in Instagram in order to promulgate his theory.



Randy Lee Eischer Jr (Instagram — @eischer ) is a writer-futurist and an atheist. He speaks about the future endemic unemployment and the reason will be the substitution of workers for the artificial intellect.


Guillermo Alarcon (Instagram — @ Egnogra) is a cyber-fan, 3D artist, pixel pusher, entrepreneur and traveler speculates that one day humanity will be replaced by avatars, and quantum physics will help them to make such a revolution. The goal of the artificial intellect is a creation of a better future.


The user under the nickname @noni.kari thinks that the human tries to become a creator of robots, although he himself was created by the Creator (from her perspective). It’s a paradox!


But there are some people who cautiously look back at the past and wonder to what extent the machines will be able to bear arms against the human will. The webpage @morganadvancedmaterials tells us about this.


We can endless speak about the danger, uncertainty and uniqueness of the artificial intellect. There are a great number of opinions which refute each other. However, all of them concur that technologies do not tread water unveiling us the bigger opportunities of the machines on the one hand facilitating our life, on the other hand taking the further human fate with a pinch of salt.