#FishBras: fishing in a feminine way


Some people think that there are very few purely male activities which were not tried by women. Even fishing wasn’t shot out. In order to prove the fact that the fair sex can do better than men even in this activity women put posts with the take filling place of the top of the swimsuit. In our article we will know what it is: feminist protest or an innocent joke.

You can find thousands of posts with the seminude women while fishing with the hashtag #fishbras. There is even an account (Instagram- @fishbras) where similar photos are gathered from the whole Internet. The number of followers skyrockets over 130 thousands.

Looking at these photos men shrug their shoulders, women tap on each other’s shoulders and social media users believe that this trend is undoubtedly focused on the popularization of fishing between the women. And the photos in social media with the hashtag #fishbras are really able at least destroy the stereotype about the appearance of a fisher.


There is an opinion that it is a one more feminist appeal. However, women do not claim that they can hook better than the sterner sex at all, in most cases they simply want to share (for someone their first) the take with the followers. For example, 27-year-old Ashley Christine from Michigan (_ashley_christine_) hunted after her catch the whole month.



Avid fishermen mock at fisherwomen and new insta-trend with kindness and post in their user accounts funny parodic posts.


Among the female audience there are also women who are ready to have a laugh about the photos with the tag #fishbras.


So, with the help of their posts the fisherwomen entertain themselves and the public with the comical fisher image which straddles not only the original bellicosity but also sexiness. There are not so many people who see the feminist background, however, only the time will show whether there is a scandal in this field or not.