Image searching — acquisition of a kinship


There is an opinion that every person has a twin. A great number of similar people are born every day and they don’t have any family ties. But many people find and meet them and even make them a part of their family with the help of Internet and its services for twin search. Our new Popsop study is about that.

The first category of people who are always searched as twins are celebrities. Internet is full of various photos of similar and not always similar to them people. And while ordinary people search for their twins with the help of services themselves, famous people find similar persons using an Internet community.


However, in most cases creators of these search sites recon on a wider and more interested public – ordinary people. For example, the project under the name Twin Strangers, the authors of which are three friends from Great Britain — Niamh, Harry and Terence. They claim that there is a notion of «star twins» – they are people who were born at the same minute and are similar to each other like the siblings. They can be separated by the countries and even continents, and, of course, they have different parents.

First, the project creators decided to find their “live copies” in social media to prove everybody that it’s possible. When the guys came across the photo of Karen, they couldn’t believe their eyes. She took after Niamh like a real twin-sister!

Ladies posted the video of their first meeting on YouTube. After that the wave of searching for twins broke out in the entire Europe and even farther. Nowadays there is a vigorous propaganda in social media. People who found their “star twins” share photo on Internet.

There are a great number of examples. Some people find their twin at the advanced age. For example, Nile Richardson met his twin John Jameson after he moved to the small town Braintree (Essex, England) at the age of 69.


The other twins Jonny Sandgrove and Michael Harris both from London got acquainted at the university because of their friends who often got them confused.


However, people mentioned above lived on the one continent and their meeting was rather caused by the concatenation of circumstances than by the search. But there are twins who find each other, living in absolutely different parts of the world, and do not just meet but become sworn relatives and family members. For example, Sarah Jane Zappitelli Downey (Instagram — @zappitsj). Her twin Lianne lives for thousand miles from her, often meets Sarah’s family, attends all their family parties and is the best friend of her.


Of course, there are not so many examples which came out of a formal resemblance. In most cases the twins just maintain contact and amity. But day by day more and more people are interested by their ancestry, family history and the way to find a twin. And who knows, probably the “star twins” will eventually become a new acquiring form of relationships.