Relief aid: self-actualization or alms-deed


Homeless people need help like no one else. It is valuable when the help comes from the state, but it is doubly pleasant if there are people who are willing to give hand to the neighbor. And absolutely free. We will tell about how an innocent charity has turned into a real modern trend.

There is an opinion that the world doesn’t lack kind people. And despite the great number of disasters, aggressions and newfangled social stereotype that «every man for himself», there are people willing to donate their time, money and creativity, to help people in need. Some people do it in such truly original and worthy of respect ways that become objects of imitation of other people.

Young lady Kendall Ronzano from Santa Cruz, California is a great example. At the age of 16 she began to build a house for the distressed. In three years the house “Ruby” with the square as little as 11 m² was ready to accept housemates. The compassion to homeless people whom she had seen on her way to school inspired the lady to this project.


Originally people simply didn’t believe that ordinary girl could build such a house. However, after the project was finished and long-awaited photos appeared in social media admiring congratulations poured one by one.


27-year-old Nasir Sobhani shows one more inspiring example. He is also known as The Streets’ Barber. He helps homeless people by conducting psychological talks with them about the fact that it is never too late to start a new life. And what is more, he makes them fashionable haircuts.


Nasir not only posts photos “before” and “after” but also tells the story of his client in his every post. And unfortunately, in most cases it is sad: drug addiction, loneliness, alcoholism and other diseases. Nasir tries to persuade people to drop such way of life by telling the story about how he recovered from the drug addiction himself and now he is doing good.


The public thanks, admires and loves Nasir not only as a hairdresser, but also as a person.


Jake Austin from America made a not less good deed: he arranged a wheeled mobile shower for homeless people. The guy built such a device of a usual used truck. Two showers, two sinks, and free towels and personal care products are at homeless people’s proposal. Here people can not only have a wash themselves but also shave and wash the clothes. At the moment the mobile shower for the homeless people exists only in St. Louis, Missouri, but Jake is going to spread his idea on the other cities. The guy decided to enquire the public opinion with the help of his webpage in Instagram with only one post with the video of the truck’s functionality.

People are not simply satisfied but are ready to help and sponsor this event.


In short, such a charismatic personalities, who do not simply look at homeless people throw a coin into the hat, but find truly creative, helpful and sincere methods of help to neighbors, inspire others to similar actions. And it is not necessary to have a sad past or a lot of money, it is enough to have a wish and a little bit of kindness and then not only people around you, but you will also experience the most genuine human happiness.