Selfies with animals: a new trend in the photo industry


For the sake of particular frames people can do anything: climb on dangerous heights, pass hundreds miles seeking for a beautiful landscape and even meet face to face with predators. Such pictures are called animalselfie on Istagram, and gain 100 thousands “likes” instantly. How this trend has appeared and what does the internet community think about it, it is all in latest Posop’s review.

In 2011 English photographer of wild nature David Slater during his explorations across Indonesia, took an unusual snapshot. He left camera in several meters to himself on tripod, and go away for his business. Female of baboon approached to camera and made a few selfies using remote controller.


Selfie of smiling monkey flew around the world and became the reason of great response because it was so bright and so odd. A lot of time has passed but nobody has still repeated such photo trick again. However a new selfie of sloth appeared in network not long ago, which has got 2 million reviews on Imgur.


Nowadays animalselfie has become not just a hobby for wild nature photographers but new trend. Nowadays to add a picture with rare wild animal means to get sudden popularity on the network.
Exactly due to this, Irish photographer and traveler Alan Dixon, who is living in Austria (Instagram @daxon) has got his fame. Every new publication of Alan is rare shot — selfie with animal, which doesn’t refuse to be photographed and even pose for camera. The number of subscribers is more than 270 000 and every publication gets 20 000 “likes”. The day when photographer is managed to take an unusual frame is called “selfie-day”


The number of publications approached to 800. Among the rest snapshots there is a picturet which is similar to taken by Slader in Indonesia. But the personage here is lemur.


On inquiry of how does he take this pictures, he replies on account page of one of his fans.


However, being absorbed of such hobby you need to know when to stop. On the Puanta Kana beach in Dominican Republic vacationists and rescue team pulled out to coast not a big sharp only for taking pictures and after several frames sharp died. And this video has been published on Youtube.

Public has reacted extremely acutely. And it is rightly so, cause as it was mentioned, you need to know when to stop.