Animal wedding: just for fun or the whole shooting match


Many masters behave to their pets as to the robust family members. This is precisely why they dress them in beautiful costumes, buy accessories, give presents and even organize holidays. One of the most fashionable events is a wedding of animals on which loving owners are often ready to spend huge sums.

This trend has a rich history rooted in 1990s. At that time the discoverers of the unusual tendency were the Japanese. Everything was similar to people’s weddings: female bride was dressed in the wedding dress, the groom had a bow tie, and the marriage stamp was pressed into the Pet Passport. Some fanciful masters even tried to get the church benediction of their newly wedded animal couple. Then animal wedding fashion came to Europe and the USA. And then the new tendency on weddings between the pets of friends and relatives flooded the whole world.

In addition, animal weddings varied in different countries because everybody aimed to keep national traditions and transfer them to the pet’s marriage. For instance, in Japan weddings for animals intend a two-day religious celebration with a great number of bright decorations. In the USA a limousine and extra-mural church are in order. And in Europe entire castles and palaces are rented.

The most sensational and expensive animal weddings throughout the trend history:

1996 – wedding of male cat Pet and lady-cat Ploy in Thailand. This celebration cost for the groom’s owner $16241 plus the cost of corbeille – $23202. The celebration gathered more than 500 guests who presented the newlyweds approximately $60000.


2006 – wedding of dogs Timmy and Muffin in the famous London department store Harrods. The animals listened to the prayer in a church, exchanged kisses and ate the wedding cake. And then the newly wedded couple darted away on a luxurious horsed carriage.


2007 – marriage registration of musk hogs Huang Pu-pu and Shu Fu in Japan. As well as the registration went down according to all rules, it got benediction of the Catholic priest. The celebration had all the necessary wedding things – cake, photographer, guests, presents, wedding certificate and, of course, a traditional kiss. All the presented money were transferred on alms-deed to help disabled children.


2010 – rabbit wedding in Great Britain. The wedding ceremony was held by a priest, and then the party was done where all guests drank carrot juice.


What reaction does the society have? Of course, it reacts caustically. Hundreds of caricatures and demotivational posters are on this topic.



How do the professionals react on this? Negatively, too. For example, the chair of the organization “People for animals” (PFA) Kedian thinks that weddings for animals are the derision and such events should be banned. Her quotation on this topic spread of all the famous media. “When people make dogs dance against their grain it is cruel! Noisy sounds and a great number of lights on such ceremonies also injure animals”.

As to the popularity of the trend it is impossible to say that from the beginning of 90s till today it is in the forefront. But in different years it sweeps between rich owners who want to betroth their pets. And after the appearance of social media the propaganda began to be carried out very actively and today it reached its height. And if in 2008 animal wedding was a single event and boomed in media every time whereupon the society groaned and shrug their shoulders, then today it is quite a usual practice.

Here are some modern users’ accounts who betrothed their pets.




Who are these owners who are ready to organize such event for their pets? First, they are certainly the owners of pedigree animals because it is completely unprofitable to marry and, as a result, to pair nonpedigree animal. Second, they are wealthy people who have the possibility to spend a great amount of money on the organization of wedding. And third, the owners who fanatically love their pets and think that they hold a real fete for them in such a way. But do their own pets share this opinion? The answer is evident.