Eco-office: from trend to necessity


The idea of “green office” entered our lives not so long ago but it has already managed to up-end the concept of the modern office in the minds of many people. Is this a simple innovative designer’s discovery or really an entire philosophy which appeared due to the trial to adopt the metropolis to the real needs of people and environment? We’ll try to puzzle out!

Eco-office is a modern trend which gradually conquers recognition in the corporate culture of domestic companies. And the matter is not only PR.

Recently the modern employers have become aware of the fact that ecological factors inside the office are able to harm the employee’s health — blunt immunity, lower the working capacity and thereby decrease the efficiency of work. This is precisely why the “green” office is considered by many businessmen as an effective decision in an improvement of the corporate environment, the quality of business targets enrichment and also the ordered employee’s energy, efforts and health distribution.

In order to make the office ecological by any definition it is necessary to use alternative energy sources (for example, solar panels), install the special rain and sunshine collection system (in order to manage without the water pipe), use only environmentally-friendly material in the process of premises construction.

Of course, not many people follow each and every requirement. However, some employees try to bring environmental friendliness on their working place themselves. In the new Popsop research we found out how they do this.

For example, Genie from Buffalo on her own steam tries to organize an eco-friendly atmosphere on her working place in spite of the fact that other employees don’t notice it.


Sometimes the offices present each other eco-friendly and useful gifts in the capacity of something.


When the decision to make the office cleaner and more eco-friendly emanates from the headship is the best case scenario. For example, a reception of the American company Verde is made of wooden pallets.


One of the dentistries became famous because of the cleanness and eco-friendliness of its office. Patients come here with pleasure and write flattering comments in social media.


And the whole essence of everything above mentioned is reflected in the following post.