“Smart gadgets” for forward-minded gardeners

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Several dozens of years ago we couldn’t even imagine that robots would be able to cut lawns, clean swimming pools and force the weeds. Today information technologies entered almost nook of our everyday life, including agriculture. We will briefly tell you what gadgets help completely replace human labour during orchard, garden and even the whole agro industrial sector today, and what users say about it.

“Smart grass-cutter”

Swedish company Husqvarna invented a grass-cutter Automower Solar Hybrid which fits for processing of lawn of any area in fine weather and for processing not less than 2200 sq. km. in cloudy weather. This contraption works with the help of two power supply sources – integral battery and solar cell. So, energy usage does down to a minimum. And if something violates the mode the mower will send SMS on mobile phone by itself which is indicated in memory, that’s why it can be managed clandestinely.

What do people say?


“Smart handling of plants systems”

Modern sensors and smart-apps are the breakthrough in green technologies. They analyze soil structure, forecast its fecundity, percentage humidity, — in a word, they make everything instead of you.

For instance, American scientists created a programming sprinkler system. It can be managed with the help of smartphone app. You can do this wherever you are – at home, at smb’s, by the sea. Smart controller Iro which consists of control device, adapter and mobile app Rachio connects the sprinkler system with data for the weather and corrects watering depending on humidity level. “Smart system” knows which plants need more water and which plants need less water. Similar in operation device called “Greenbox” meant for the sprinkler system control and smart-system Edyn have the same functionality.

What do people say?


“Smart apps” and drones against weeds

German scientists invented an app “Top Unkraut» which can tell about the type with the help of three photos a weed and it will explain the methods of controlling and their effectiveness in complete detail. Also you can find out which other agrestal plants the recommended means struggle with. Mobile app shows all the necessary information – the useful time of means, dosage, price per ha, humidity requirement, active components content, stability class, optimal conditions of application, directions for disinfection and many other.

At struggle with pests garden drones are often used, with the help of motion sensors they scare interlopers. As soon as the pest stalks closely the device flies up and whirls above the garden with buzz and then returns on its place. Robots annihilate weeds either. For instance, robot RIPPA operating from solar energy which was developed in Sidney University finds and adroitly annihilates weeds using highly selected pesticide doses.

What do people say?


“Smart food computers”

The MIT Media Lab scientists are concerned with creation of the “Personal food computer”. This unique device will let us manage the light, level of carbon dioxide, humidity, air and soil temperature along with the quality of water flowing to the roots through the soil. Web-cameras will continuously observe the conditions of plants development. The technologies even let us regulate the flavor properties of young plantations. Several dozens of “Personal food computers” are already at the market and 100 of others are being prepared for the launching.

What do people say?


“Smart navigation systems”

In order to gather information about their acreage farmers also use small planes which can measure the area of their harvest with the help of the ability to differ seeds from weeds. And what is more with the help of built-in technologies of multispectral analysis these devices will tell which plants prosper well and soak up the sunlight.

If it is necessary to find out which areas are more effective and productive special GPS navigation systems will make an entire harvest map. Also they will become unexpendable in accurate positioning of farm machinery. This permits not to cultivate the same areas several times and not to omit important areas. Such method conspicuously shortens fuel consumption rate and distributes fertilizers more effectively.


In fact, it is not surprising that “smart systems” conquered our green gardens. According to the statistics, more than 50% of modern gardeners prefer to spend their time in their own gardens with the wish work less and relax more. Why should we bust our humps and perspire if the programmed devices can do the gardening quicker and a lot more effective as well as essentially cut power and water consumption?