Art for dogs: hidden agenda


Modern art is constantly on the move and the number of people interested in it is increasing. For example, in Great Britain even dogs happened to be informed: an entire painting exhibition was opened for them. We will tell you what goals were haunted by the organizers and how the society reacted on this event in our research.

The experimental exhibition for dogs was opened by the British artist Dominic Wilcox (Instagram — @dominic_wilcox). Having decided to initiate quadruped pets with art he divided the exposition into several parts. The first one is a picture-gallery which has works painted in particular color spectrum which is accessible for a dog’s eye. Chicken sticks, forests, a letter falling in the letterbox, and dogs running in a park are depicted on them. By the way, the pictures are created by distinguished modern artists. Here are the words of Dominic.


The second part is solely entertaining. For example, dogs can jump into the pit with balls which is similar to bowlful of food, put the head under the simulator arising sensation of sitting in a car during a trip when they can put the head out of the window, or run after the Frisbee. In one word, all that dogs can wish for. Here is one of the inspiring organizer’s comments.


Of course, the goal of the event is not an education, and the dogs who were on the exhibition did not become aficionados of the beautiful. The issue is about another thing. The exposition was opened in the frameworks of #PlayMore campaign which encourages the owners to spend more time playing with their pets. Pet owners who have already been here published posts with the hashtag #PlayMore in an embrace with their quadruped in social media. The touching appeal was caught up by those who weren’t participants but got in the campaign and grasped the message.


By the way, the informed pets’ owners noted that animals really love art, even if only in their way.


Moreover, notably such campaigns remind us, people who lost ourselves in our concerns, humdrum and routine, of who are our four-footed favourites and what sense do they have in our lives. The post of one of the users is about this.