Biodegradable algae bottles are a green alternative to plastic


Have you ever bothered what damage do the plastic bottles afflict? At least, the fact that they biodegrade for more than 1000 years fills with consternation. Icelandic designers decided to go back from such kind of material offering the world their own alternative to plastic – biodegradable algae bottles. We will tell you what turned out of this.

By ingenuous means the scientists found out that a harmful chemical agent bisphenol is contained in composition of plastic packaging. It has a bad influence on еру endocrine profile, heart-vascular and nervous system, and according to some specialists even on DNA structure.

Perhaps not nearly everyone knows about this. However, modern social media users don’t need to have the Master’s degree in the field of ecology to propagandize the all-round refusal of plastic.


For many years Icelandic designer Ari Jónsson has been searching for a worthy alternate to the harmful plastic and, finally, invented an innovative solution – a project of an unusual bottle. Ordinary algae, agar in particular (powder, extracted from algae) serve as a material for the bottle creation. The peculiarity of such package is that it retains its shape while it is filled with liquid. Once it is empty it begins to break down.


Ari Jónsson premiered his project at DesignMarch, a design festival held recently in Reykjavik. Here Ari revealed a secret to his technology. To create a bottle out of algae, Ari Jónsson mixed powdered agar with water. The resulting mixture had a jelly-like consistency which than was heated before pouring it into a cold mold. The mold with the consistency swirled inside a container of ice water until a bottle was formed. Just a few more minutes of refrigeration, and the bottle was ready for use.

The material is completely safe for keeping of drinks which are consumed by people. By the way, as Jónsson says you can even chew on it if you enjoy the taste of algae.