Denis and Fanny: the story of one hobby

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For somebody hobby is a part of everyday life and a rescue from endless routine. But for some people it definitely means something more important. Eco-tourism has a special place in the life of a wedded pair Denis and Fanny and is almost a deal of their lifetime. We will tell about how the attraction to the travelling influenced on the bloggers’ lives in our new material.

At the age of 16 Denis and Fanny made a decision to leave paternal home and go off on a journey around the world in search of the better life. And as in a fairy tale they met each other five years ago, got married and then travelling around the world has become not only useful pursuit but also a family tradition. They were on almost all continents: Mexico, Vietnam, Iceland, France, Germany, Nigeria, Cameroon, Great Britain, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, French Polynesia, the USA, and Brazil.


According to Fanny, the couple would like to visit Arctic with a great pleasure. But it is very expensive. The guys give an immodest answer on the question about what countries and continents they would like to visit.


In order to guarantee a worthy life and to have the opportunity to practice their hobby the marrieds also have a work and full employment scheduling. But this doesn’t mingle them to go off on a new journey during joint vacations (about 5 weeks a year). However, Fanny confessed Popsop that she doesn’t belong to the ordinary “office world” for long, but money is still necessary for surviving, that’s why a work is a sacred duty and the way to normal existence.

In order to tell the world about their journeys Denis and Fanny created a blog under the name GreenPik where they tell something about them, post photo reports from the journeys, give travellers advices on what hotels are better and what places worth visiting. Fanny told Popsop why the blog has a note “green”.


Anyhow, you should have initial background to be a real eco-tourist. In case with Fanny, her family always abided the principles of healthy eating, veganism and solicitous attitude to the environment. And if you want to be similar to the real eco-tourists it is enough to be inspired by their wonderful example.